Harvard MedTech Names Monica Mohring as Vice President of Market Partnerships

Digital Health Platform Delivers Long-Term Relief from the Costly and Debilitating Impact of Trauma, without Drugs or Surgery

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIHarvard MedTech, a breakthrough digital health company dedicated to healing trauma through a proprietary blend of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and behavioral interventions, announced today the appointment of Monica Mohring as Vice President of Market Partnerships. In this role, Monica will focus on accelerating the introduction of Harvard MedTech’s revolutionary Vx Therapy solution in the workers’ compensation marketplace.

“Workers’ compensation payers and providers have struggled for decades to find an effective approach to healing the trauma, chronic pain and other effects of workplace injuries,” said Pat McCutcheon, Harvard MedTech’s Senior Vice President of Market Partnerships. “Our Vx Therapy solution is built on the new science of neuroplasticity in the brain to reduce pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD and sleeplessness, improve well-being, and restore resilience, without drugs and without surgery. Patients who might have been on the slippery slope to opioid addiction can now get their lives back, with less risk and cost to payers.”

“For payers, the Vx Therapy program delivers an effective treatment for trauma and its symptoms, while decreasing opioid usage and the associated costs and risks,” said Mohring. “It is a win-win solution for the patient, the community and the provider, that truly creates a new paradigm for recovery in workers’ compensation.”

Harvard MedTech’s evidence-based Vx Therapy Solution is at the forefront of a national initiative to find lasting, non-harmful treatment for patients living with the effects of physical and mental trauma that will also help to combat the widespread epidemic of opioid addiction. It is the first approach to fully leverage the new science of re-training neural pathways in the brain so that people can get relief from chronic pain and discomfort. Using virtual reality headsets, patients enjoy a positive experience that literally takes their mind off their pain. Over time, new pathways are formed in the brain that reduce the symptoms of trauma, including pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. This virtual reality technology is used in the patient’s home, and is coupled with personalized behavioral health intervention strategies to assist employers and insurance carriers in managing patient populations and containing costs.

Monica Mohring’s experience in the workers’ compensation sector includes more than 20 years of experience as a seasoned thought leader and innovator. Prior to joining Harvard MedTech, she was the principal of Marker 28, LLC, a company specializing in MSP Compliance, and also served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Development at Spreemo, LLC, a national diagnostic network and software company that was sold to One Call Care Management. Throughout her career, she has been a pioneer in advancing the adoption of innovative products and programs that deliver value to carriers, TPAs and self-insured employers, while helping injured workers return to work safely and quickly.

For more information on Harvard MedTech, visit www.harvardmedtech.com.

About Harvard MedTech:

Harvard MedTech is a breakthrough digital health company that is tapping the new science of how the brain works, combining specially designed virtual reality experiences, psychosocial support, digital engagement and proprietary AI algorithms to retrain neural pathways and alleviate the effects of trauma, including pain, PTSD, anxiety and depression. The company’s Vx Therapy model is the first to comprehensively integrate this unique combination of digital technologies with behavioral health interventions, in a virtual application that moves the point of care to the patient’s home. This virtual engagement drives higher compliance, patient satisfaction and optimal outcomes. It also allows the solution to be affordable and scalable at a population health level. This non-invasive and non-pharmacological approach also provides data that is trackable for a clear assessment of its value to patients and health care providers. Visit www.harvardmedtech.com for more information.


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