GIGABYTE Brings AI, Cloud Solutions and Smart Applications to CES 2020 to Enable Future Today

  1. GIGABYTE to demo server solutions in accelerating AI training, optimizing cloud and edge computing, and maximizing storage and data center PUE.
  2. GIGABYTE to showcase AIoT applications across various markets to provide fresh perspectives in utilizing the latest technologies in edge computing.
  3. GIGABYTE to present the latest AERO series laptops as content creators’ top choice to create multimedia with optimal performance, endurance, and mobility.
  4. 3 Themes illustrating technology transformations: Data Center, Smart Life, and Studio.

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AERO15–GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd brings world class hardware expertise and solution know-how, along with a selection of ready-to-deploy applications to CES 2020.

GIGABYTE is renowned for its craftsmanship and dedication to innovating new technologies that are current with the time and helping humanity leap forward for more than 30 years. GIGABYTE’s accomplishments in motherboards and graphics cards have set the standard for the industry to follow, and the quality and performance of its products have been the excellence that competitors look up to. GIGABYTE has leveraged the experience and know-how to establish a trusted reputation in data center expertise, and is responsible in supplying the hardware and support to some of the biggest companies involved in HPC and cloud & web hosting services, enabling their successes in the respective fields.

According to a report by DIGITIMES research, global server CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is expected to increase by 6.5% by 2023. GIGABYTE has strong R&D background, and a team constantly looking to build solutions that can help businesses grow and succeed well before the demand is transparent. GIGABYTE also has great relationships with industry leaders, which often allows it to be the first to market, be the server hardware provider with the widest range of product supports, and, upon new launches, be the world record holders in various performance reports.

The world is moving towards automation, and technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, edge and cloud computing are going to revolutionize the way we go by our day to day lives. Data center plays a pivotal role in the development of these technologies, and to highlight, GIGABYTE subdivides its CES booth this year to illustrate 3 aspects of how the future will unfold.

Data Center area will showcase four different ready-to-deploy solutions that can greatly benefit businesses that want to scale their data center in preparation of the higher demands in the coming future:

  1. DNN Training Appliance: An on-premises AI development platform, combining high performance GPU servers and a user-friendly GUI with powerful optimizations that can improve the accuracy and reduce the time required for DNN (Deep Neural Networks) training.
  2. VirtualStor: A Software-Defined Storage platform that can consolidate existing media and effortlessly add new capacity that supports all main storage types (block, object or file) while simplifying management and reducing infrastructure costs.
  3. Cloud Fusion: A hybrid cloud management platform that integrates sophisticated container management and software-defined storage, allowing your organization to achieve the possibility of an on-premises self-built AI cloud.
  4. Liquid Cooling: A showcase of modularized direct-to-chip liquid cooling solutions for increased performance possibilities and reduced power and cooling requirements in the data center.

Data and algorithms flowing through the vastness of computation space are, however significant to technology advancement and improvement of humankind, difficult to fathom by the public. GIGABYTE has an esteemed reputation in the industry and has built a solid ecosystem over the years that not only can become the backbones of the tech industry, but also providers of solutions and applications for daily lives.

Smart Life area will present attendees an opportunity to get a genuine experience of what future technologies can do. Using data previously trained/collected from data centers and edge computing in the form of IoT gateway and embedded computer systems, the designated area is highlighted by several AIoT applications that fit real life scenarios, which are also available for passersby to be up close and try out the functionalities.

  1. Smart Agriculture (Eco Box): Using Big Data, AI, and edge computing, GIGABYTE’s IoT Eco Box can gather necessary information from cloud and edge to, using the IG-3815 (Smart IoT Gateway System) and communicate through WIFI, ZigBee, and LoRA, control variables that are vital to a crop’s growth in order to increase yield.
  2. Smart Retail: GIGABYTE now provides an O2O (Online to Offline) retail solutions called “Smart Fitting Mirror”, which is an AIoT system featuring large size touch panel, GIGABYTE’s self-designed ToF camera, and ULSee’s 3D Virtual Try-On software called “U Style”, for users to scan and generate 3D personal image on screen and try putting on outfits virtually.
  3. Smart Security: GIGABYTE’s contactless identification technology, the latest version of AI Face Recognition Solution, is now built in an Edge AIO (All-in-One) device with re-designed ID. It also combines lenses, screens, and processors all boarded in a single chassis.

GIGABYTE also presents ToF (Time of Flight camera), a special purpose and low-cost smart solution with novel 3D imaging capture technology, which includes high-performance advanced depth analytics as a standard feature, improving measurement accuracy and performance when compared to the current generation of RGB and stereoscopic cameras.

  1. Smart Transportation: GIGABYTE partnered with ARTC to create automated-driving control unit, ADCU3-100 Pilot, to be the core controller of L4 autonomous vehicles or ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) vehicles which requires no steering wheel, gas pedal, or brake pedal, being 100% autonomous.
  2. Smart Wearable: Utilizing GIGABYTE’s server know-how, Jorjin Technology Inc. is able to introduce at GIGABYTE’s booth a pair of AR/MR glasses that can assist enterprises to simplify problems originally caused by long travel distances and related time consumption, and this product will be able to be widely used in industrial maintenance, warehousing and logistics, public security and medical fields to efficiently perform maintenance, education, training, and identification of sensitive information etc.

The world of technology is evolving, and businesses around the globe are fighting to get ahead as 5G draws near. There will be massive surge in data center expansions as storage capacities are in greater demands. Cloud computing will become more practical as high speed, low latency, and massive connectivity of 5G allow users to download information in larger loads, which in term advance media and entertainment industry into 4K and 8K resolutions and beyond, and truly immersive AR/VR/XR realms.

Studio area will feature GIGABYTE’s state of art laptop for creators – AERO series. Since 2017, the creator laptops have been introducing advance and exclusive features such as ultra-thin screen bezel, X-Rite Pantone display calibration, and Microsoft Azure AI. With each iteration upping its predecessor in performing using the latest CPU and GPU from industry leaders Intel and Nvidia, AERO series continues to set standards that allow content creators to reimagine their creatives in ever higher resolutions. Featured at CES this year are AERO 15 OLED and AERO 17 HDR, both rocking displays matching the VESA Display HDR 400 standard, and with wide color gamut and X-Rite Pantone color calibration, users can expect to see more details and more vibrant, accurate colors. The AERO series is designed to be thin and light, and its slim chassis and 94Wh battery are some of the best features content creators look for in a mobile studio.

CES provides access to the most transformative tech such as 5G, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart vehicles, home and cities, digital health and more. GIGABYTE is primed, with an array of solutions and applications, and ready to exhibit its data center knowledge that will accelerate 5G advancement to vindicate its capability to “Upgrade Your Life”.

From January 7th to 10th GIGABYTE expects to share technology insights and explore future endeavors with innovators from around the globe. Live at the booth are tech demos available for visitors to touch and experience, product experts to provide insights, and there are also welcome gifts and events to partake. The GIGABYTE booth will be luminously lit to disseminate a futuristic aura, and can be found at LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center) South Hall 1.

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GIGABYTE is an engineer, visionary, and leader in the world of tech that uses its hardware expertise, patented innovations, and industry leadership to create, inspire, and advance. Renowned for over 30 years of award-winning excellence, GIGABYTE is a cornerstone in the HPC community, providing businesses with server and data center expertise to accelerate their success. At the forefront of evolving technology, GIGABYTE is devoted to invent smart solutions that enable digitalization from edge to cloud, and allow customers to capture, analyze, and transform digital information into economic data that can benefit humanity and “Upgrade Your Life”.


Shinyu Chen

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