GearStorm – Armored Survival Now Available on Steam

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Iron City Games has announced their new sci-fi sandbox survival game, GearStorm – Armored Survival, is now available on Steam. GearStorm is an expansive, story driven experience set in a huge, persistent, destructible, open world with crafting, mining, harvesting, base building, and simulation features. 

In the universe of GearStorm – Armored Survival Earth has been devastated by a virus known as the Phage. Set on a distant planet in a phage infested, post-apocalyptic future; players wage war amidst the devastation caused by this virus and the baser natures of humanity.

In Campaign mode, players are immersed in the lived-in world of Apollyon with multiple NPC factions, an alien history and deep mysteries to unravel. You establish your faction’s foothold on this new world, trade and compete with the locals and ensure the survival of humanity.

In Survival mode, players cooperate or compete to establish their colonies, harvest and gather resources, and protect themselves and their colonists from the phage and dangerous indigenous life on Apollyon.

GearStorm focuses on the high-end of the power curve.  Players craft their power-armor, upgrade their jump-jets and amass their arsenal of mechs, tanks, fighters and base defenses.   It’s filled with next-generation combat features like damage consequences, diverse field-configurable weapons and equipment, squad support, vehicles with cockpit instruments and damage systems, stealth, and many more. 

Players get unprecedented control over their environment and experience. The game puts the future of the planet in the player’s hands with its destructible terrain, quest authoring system, and living alien worlds full of dynamic AI factions. Admins will have even greater control by being able to set weapon range and damage, weather, time of day, AI difficulty, spawning items, and base-building capabilities.

Whether you want team battles over regional resources, or a story-packed colony-building experience, or persistent customizable PVP combat, this game has you covered.

Pricing & Availability
GearStorm is now available on Steam Early Access (Windows only) for $11.99





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About Iron City Games
Iron City Games is an independent game development studio based in Birmingham, AL, United States. 

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