FXhome Launches Major Update to Virtual Production and AR Tracking App for iOS; Create 3D Virtual Environments in Real Time on iOS Devices

CamTrackAR v2.0 for iOS Enables Anyone – from Novices to VFX Supervisors – to Create Virtual Productions on an iPhone or iPad; Import and Pre-Viz 3D Models in Real Time

CamTrackAR Featured at Apple Spring Loaded Event in Cupertino

Norwich, UK (April 22, 2021) – FXhome (www.fxhome.com) announced today a significant update to CamTrackAR, the industry’s first Mobile Virtual Production Studio for iOS. Making its debut last summer, CamTrackAR became the first iOS app that enabled content creators to simultaneously record footage while capturing flawless camera tracking data in real-time directly on an iPhone.

With CamTrackAR v2.0, FXhome has added compelling new features that transform an Apple iPhone or iPad Pro into an on-set Virtual Production Studio, with features such as the ability to import 3D models as virtual backgrounds or props and dynamically place them within a scene; professional chroma key filters for working with green or blue backgrounds, allowing users to easily select and isolate subjects before applying virtual backgrounds; and the ability to import still images to place into virtual scenes.

CamTrackAR v2.0 was showcased today during the formal Apple iPad Pro Launch Event – Spring Loaded – in Cupertino. During the event, Apple executives demonstrated how FXhome is leveraging the processing power and improved LiDAR Scanning technology to create a powerful virtual production studio environment on an iOS mobile device.

CamTrackAR v2.0 now provides a powerful on-set pre-vis tool for filmmakers and content creators using only an iPhone or iPad. This innovation alone eliminates significant time and effort creating virtual production previs scenarios in post-production and losing valuable time waiting for 3D camera trackers to process footage frame-by-frame. Additionally, the simplicity of the iOS UI and user experience opens a massive opportunity for a new generation of iPhone filmmakers to step up their productions with some of the most advanced post-production techniques made available with 3D tracked footage created in CamTrackAR.

CamTrackAR leverages Apple’s ARKit and LiDAR Scanner technologies for automatic and instant AR placement, improved motion capture and people occlusion to enable Hollywood-caliber virtual production workflows on an iPhone or iPad.

What’s New in CamTrackAR v2.0?
With the release of CamTrackAR v2.0, FXhome is introducing a breadth of new features to enhance the on-set virtual production workflow, including:

  • New User Interface
    • CamTrackAR presents a new and more user-friendly interface providing more control to virtual production scenes;
    • Designed to be familiar to anyone who has used the default iOS camera app.
  • Virtual Production Features
    • Import 3D models as virtual backgrounds or props, place dynamically around a scene;
    • Professional chroma key filter for working with green or blue backgrounds, allowing users to easily select and isolate subjects before applying virtual backgrounds;
    • Professional de-spill filter to remove color cast from the background onto the subject;
    • Modify chroma keying properties in real-time to suit your needs and environment;
    • Real-time compositing and keying to place your actors within a virtual environment.
  • Camera Controls
    • Enhanced camera controls for focus
    • New controls for exposure and exposure bias
    • New controls for color temperature
  • Export
    • Export camera data to Autodesk FBX format
  • Playback and Transfer
    • The user can playback sessions within the CamTrackAR app on the device of an external monitor (this is still to be confirmed). This allows directors to view dailies or sign off on collaborative scenes on set, rather than delaying until post-production.

CamTrackAR v2.0 also carries forward key features from the original version, such as:

  • Fast and accurate 3D camera track:
    • Set a floor plane with the green tracking grid and add in anchor points with the tap of a finger.
    • CamTrackAR utilizes all Apple hardware advancements available to produce the perfect track in real-time (ARKit).
    • CamTrackAR automatically gathers information from the scene in order to build an optimized track.
  • Flexible customization options:
    • Option to disable AutoFocus for a more accurate track;
    • Support for multiple frame rates including 30FPS.
  • Multiple export options
    • Export available to HitFilm (.hfcs) and Blender (.py) for free within the App Store version of the app. Export available to Plain Text (.json, .csv) and paid software such as After Effects (.jsx).

Pricing and Availability
CamTrackAR is available immediately as a free download from the Apple App Store. The free version of CamTrackAR v2.0 exports pre-tracked footage for use in content creation platforms such as HitFilm Express and HitFilm Pro, as well as Blender.

Features such as the ability to add multiple anchor points for tracking and the ability to export to additional content creation programs such as After Effects are available as in-app purchases or on a subscription basis. They are priced at $4.99 USD per month for a subscription, or a $29.99 one-time payment. Additional features available with the in-app purchase include:

  • Export to After Effects (.jsx) and Plain Text (.json, .csv) for a flexible workflow;
  • Advanced chroma key technology for advanced subject isolation;
  • Import and add 3D models to virtual scenes in real-time;
  • Multiple anchor points for full creative control;
  • Future updates with additional format support.

For more information or to download CamTrackAR v2.0, please visit fxhome.com/product/camtrackar.

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