FXhome debuts Imerge Pro update with new effects and features

The update to FXhome’s next-generation image production software contains new features that speed workflow and expand users’ creative possibilities

Norwich, UK (July 29, 2021)Imerge Pro, FXhome’s sophisticated image production software has been updated with a host of new features. The new version contains eight new effects, major improvements to the effects menu, and new effect stack presets. Imerge has long resisted the categorization of ‘just another Photoshop alternative’ by approaching the image production process with a flexibility and adaptability optimized for the different workflow processes of individual users. These mutable, non-destructive features and processes make Imerge ideal for creatives.

One of the highlights of the new Imerge Pro 2021.3 is the Caustics effect. Caustics, just one of several optical emulations included in Imerge Pro, creates a realistic lighting and displacement effect that simulates the appearance of glistening water-based light refractions and distortion.

Another new feature is the Roughen Edges effect. Both an effect and an additional masking tool that complements the seven existing mask types in Imerge Pro, Roughen Edges can be applied to any layer to procedurally generate variation in the visible edge of the layer. This accounts for both the layer itself and the existing masks applied to the layer. Using Imerge’s built-in fractal noise editor, this effect can create seamless and organic-looking composites to match any texture in just a few clicks. This powerful tool can also be used to create aged and worn effects, resembling the deteriorating edge of old photographs.

The new release adds two new color correction tools to Imerge’s already impressive, precision color adjustment workflow. The Inverted Highpass retouching effect smooths fine lines and blemishes within an image based on skin-tone presence. New effects Pencil Sketch, Emboss, and Mosaic add further stylization and graphical effects capability with endless room for creativity.

Beyond individual effects, this update improves the software’s overall UX. The totally revamped effects menu gives users the ability to favorite, categorize, create, update, and apply effect stacks directly from the sidebar. Every effect now features a live preview and short description. A new dedicated drop-down menu gives users easily accessible shortcuts to their most-used effects. New default effect stack presets have also been added so users can quickly access commonly-used processing chains to speed up their workflow.

The new release of Imerge Pro is available for $199 at the FXhome store and comes with a two-seat perpetual license (meaning the software remains yours forever) and a one-year subscription to all major updates.

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FXhome is part of the Artlist family and develops popular post-production software for aspiring filmmakers, photographers, and artists including HitFilm Pro (video editing and VFX), Ignite Pro (visual effects plugins), and Imerge Pro (image editing and compositing). Our goal – a new era of content creators who dismiss the status quo, eagerly explore new pathways to creativity, and who aspire for something more. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are on your journey – we have the tools for you.

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