Flowly Offers Relief to 100 Million Americans Living with Chronic Pain and Anxiety

Mobile app manages symptoms through virtual reality and relaxation training anytime, anywhere

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BlacklivesmatterFlowly today officially launched its interactive mobile app to address chronic pain and anxiety. The platform offers immersive experiences in beautiful and peaceful virtual reality and 360° worlds that engage users in biofeedback for relaxation training. Flowly allows users to access the virtual worlds anytime, anywhere on their phones or with VR headsets to monitor and adjust how they breathe, focus, and learn how to better regulate their own nervous systems. For a look into Flowly’s virtual worlds and to see the app in action, watch this video.

Flowly has also created a special session that specifically targets Coronavirus-related anxiety, and makes a monetary donation towards COVID-19 relief efforts upon completion. Additionally, in light of recent tragic events that have amplified the Black Lives Matter movement, Flowly is standing with the Black community and offering a free month’s subscription to POC who have anxiety, sleep deprivation and/or other symptoms as a result of race-based triggers. Flowly is available for download in the App Store and at www.flowly.world.

“100 million Americans of all ages suffer from chronic pain and anxiety,” said Celine Tien, co-founder & CEO, Flowly. “Flowly is the first interactive platform to make pain management accessible, and address all parts of pain: physical, psychological, and even social. Flowly is engaging, gamified and community-based.”

Key features of the Flowly app include:

  • Soothing Virtual Worlds – Flowly immerses users in a variety of beautiful virtual worlds that can be experienced both in VR and on a smartphone. Experiences in each world incorporate real-time biofeedback for relaxation training, mindfulness voice-over, and even games to bring an element of fun to health management.
  • Biofeedback for Relaxation Training + Progress Tracking – Flowly collects and analyzes user progress through each session, and shows users their heart rate and respiration metrics in real-time. Users will soon be able to measure their pain and anxiety levels, as well as receive progress reports.
  • Flowly Community – Flowly offers a community component where users can share experiences, support one another, and share resources. Managing pain and anxiety is often an isolating experience. Flowly’s community connects users to others, reduces feelings of isolation, and supports them on their mental wellness journeys. Flowly users can also earn “flokens,” through Flowly sessions and community engagement. Flokens can be redeemed for subscription discounts, physical gifts, and real-world experiences.
  • Science-Backed – Flowly has partnered with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and University of Southern California for clinical trials with a grant awarded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA).
  • Safe and Accessible – Flowly is completely non-invasive, digital, fits in a pocket and can be used anywhere, anytime. The external VR headset and sensor (included with the Flowly Pro subscription) are slip-on’s and clip-on’s, and easily removable. Flowly has conducted hundreds of user tests, with no reports of any negative side effects.
  • Social Giving – The Flowly app #BreatheTogether experience features targeted breathing exercises in an interactive environment designed specifically to reduce anxiety, which has been magnified as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Flowly has teamed up with GlobalGiving and will allocate $0.50 for every and any session completed towards the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Flowly is founded by Celine Tien, a storyteller from Yale, who aimed to create a platform that not only addressed physical pain, but also the anxiety, depression and social isolation that accompanies it. She called upon cofounder and Yale engineer, Julien Soros, to create an accessible biofeedback system and then rounded out the trio with award-winning designer and 3D artist, cofounder Narae Kim, to create the app’s virtual worlds. The team is supported by an advisory board made up of a world-class group of doctors and therapists.

“Flowly has developed a pain and anxiety management platform that is not only intelligent, but thoughtful as well,” said Aman Mahajan, MD, PhD, and Chair of Perioperative Medicine at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. “Flowly’s comprehensive approach helps manage not only the physical aspects of living with pain and anxiety, but also offers invaluable support to overcome the mental challenges that come along with it.”

Flowly offers the first eight Flowly Intro sessions and #BreatheTogether experience to all users who download the app. Users can then access the full Flowly platform with either a Basic or Pro subscription (more information available in the app).

To learn more about Flowly and to start managing your pain and anxiety today, visit www.flowly.world.

About Flowly

Flowly is your app for chronic pain, stress and anxiety. Founded in 2019 by two Yale classmates and an award-winning designer, Flowly’s mission is to take typically inaccessible therapies like biofeedback and virtual reality, and put it in the hands of the people who need it most. The company’s easy-to-use and accessible interactive platform guides users in relaxation training to regulate their nervous systems while immersed in beautiful and relaxing virtual environments. Flowly tracks user progress and offers an online community forum to share and support with other members. To learn more, visit www.flowly.world.



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