GOLAN HEIGHTS, Israel, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FAI STUDIOS, MARANATHA PRODUCTIONS, and GOLAN RANCH STUDIOS are proud to announce the completion of the production of DAYS OF NOAH, a gripping new film written and directed by Dalton Thomas, starring an all-Israeli cast including Avraham Shishkoff, Mayaan Nestel, Amiad Kalushiner, Marco Moreno, and Dorit Moreno.

DAYS OF NOAH is a story of fathers, sons, and consequence—set against the brutal backdrop of the days before the flood prophesied by Noah.

Far from a traditional Biblical biopic, Dalton Thomas wrote and directed a groundbreaking film that manages to honor the Biblical testimony of Noah, while exploring the broader generational context and implications before the greatest crisis in human history. With a runtime of two hours and fifty minutes, DAYS OF NOAH is a cinematic immersion into an infamous story that warrants renewed consideration without the trappings of familiarity’s contempt.

Thomas says, “DAYS OF NOAH does not look or feel like a conventional Bible film. Don’t expect a tidy biopic about a boat. DAYS OF NOAH focuses on the collision of a number of interwoven family stories that are both beautiful and horrific, stories that go to what I believe is at the heart of the message of those days. In terms of genre, mood, and message, DAYS OF NOAH is closer to Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood than DeMille’s The Ten Commandments. Consequently, it does more justice to the heart of the Biblical narrative than what a conventional biopic could accomplish.”

Executive Producer Cynthia Hughes says, “Before COVID-19, the last worldwide event of this scale was Noah’s flood. Culturally, we are experiencing many parallels to those days. DAYS OF NOAH masterfully illustrates the age old battle of good versus evil, the degradation of society, and the hope for mankind.”

Executive Producer Joel Richardson says, “Whatever you expect this film to be, your expectations will be shattered and then replaced by something much more impacting. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that slowly rises before racing to a beautiful and tragic climax that’s unlike any film I’ve seen. It is incredibly relevant for the days in which we live. Indeed, ‘as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be…”

Over the course of forty days, DAYS OF NOAH was filmed across the nation of Israel, with a majority of filming taking place in the rugged Golan Heights along the Syrian border. The film will be released in FAI STUDIOS’ anamorphic TrinityVision format with a 3:33.1 aspect ratio that best captures the incredible landscapes and set design that bring this story to life.

Post-production of the film is now underway in the Golan Heights at the GOLAN RANCH STUDIO. The original musical score for DAYS OF NOAH is currently being composed and scored by Pawel Bzim Zareki in Warsaw, Poland, with an ensemble of European and Middle Eastern musicians who have united to create one of the most unique musical soundscapes of any film in recent years.

On the heels of the acclaimed film series Covenant and Controversy, Sheep Among Wolves, and (more recently) Ballads of the Exodus, DAYS OF NOAH signals the first in a succession of forthcoming feature films from FAI STUDIOS and GOLAN RANCH STUDIOS.

The release date of DAYS OF NOAH is to be announced.

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