ExoPlanets Migrates from Ethereum to ThunderCore for Improved Speed and Scalability

ThunderCore Launches ExoPlanets, the First Blockchain-Based
Virtual Reality/MMO Game

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/blockchaingaming?src=hash” target=”_blank”gt;#blockchaingaminglt;/agt;–NEW YORK BLOCKCHAIN WEEK — Silicon Valley-based public
blockchain platform provider ThunderCore
today announced the launch of its first crypto game, ExoPlanets.
ExoPlanets is the first blockchain-based virtual reality and MMO game in
the market, offering an immersive experience with playable 3D
environments and real-time data pulled from NASA’s database. ExoPlanets
migrated from Ethereum to ThunderCore to improve the speed and
scalability of its application, offering players an improved in-game
experience. ThunderCore offers faster confirmation times, 100x faster
transaction speeds, and 100x cheaper gas costs than Ethereum,
accelerating gaming applications without compromising security.

“ExoPlanets marks the start of a new chapter in the ThunderCore
ecosystem: migrating DApp developers from Ethereum to ThunderCore,” said
Chris Wang, CEO, and Founder at ThunderCore. “We’re excited to offer
ExoPlanets as the first crypto game and NFT marketplace on our platform.”

“As game developers, we are constantly looking for ways to scale our
user base and deliver the best features,” said Gil Bahr, CEO at
ExoPlanets. “While the Ethereum network made sense for us at launch, we
now require a blockchain platform that lets us scale faster without
compromising performance or security. ThunderCore is hands-down the best
option available.”

In the game, ExoPlanets owners compete in a race to mine as many
resources as they can before they are depleted and then convert them to
in-game ERC-20 ExoTokens. Races begin every four hours, in which the
“galaxy timer” restarts itself with new resources to mine. The sooner a
player launches a spaceship, the better their chances to mine the most

ThunderCore has delivered on Founder and CEO Chris Wang’s vision to
build the fastest-growing blockchain platform. ThunderCore delivers
platform-based developer services combined with integrated user
acquisition capabilities to enable developers to maximize user
acquisition efforts for fintech, gaming, and enterprise applications.
Existing DApps on Ethereum, EOS or NEM can be converted within minutes
to run 100 times faster.

Chris Wang previously launched the gaming company Playdom, which
acquired over 100 million users and reported a Daily Average User (DAUs)
count in excess of 20 million. He sold Playdom to Disney for $563
million. ThunderCore has raised $50 million from investors in the U.S.
and Asia.

ThunderCore’s capabilities lend themselves well to enhancing the
usability of applications in gaming, financial payments, supply chain,
and security. Several examples of these types of DApps are available.

The first version of ExoPlanets was launched on Ethereum in 2018. It is
scheduled to go live on ThunderCore in August 2019.

About ThunderCore

Developed by industry-leading experts, ThunderCore is its own blockchain
platform with its own native cryptocurrency. It is Ethereum virtual
machine compatible with throughputs of 1,200 plus transactions per
second, sub-second confirmation times and low gas costs, making it quick
and easy for decentralized apps to deploy and scale.


Xenia von Wedel

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