Evidence That Matters in Digital Health: A Look at NODE.Health’s Evidence Matters Awards Winners and Finalists

NEW YORK, Apr. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — What does it take to generate evidence to demonstrate the validity of your digital medicine solution? NODE.Health’s Evidence Matters Awards 2020 competition highlighted different approaches to validating digital health solutions. Our winners and finalists were chosen based on the scientific rigor of their approach to evidence, likelihood to make an impact and originality of their solution. Based on their experiences, learn the steps that researchers can take to validate digital solutions.

The winner of the 2020 Evidence Matters awards was Smileyscope, who created a gamified Virtual Reality (VR)-based solution to combat the fear of pediatric needles. To validate their solution, Smileyscope used a two-part approach. First, they conducted a rigorous systematic review and meta-analysis of existing VR-based alternatives to pain which helped them understand how to create a VR-based system and a pivotal study to validate their solution. Next, they performed two independent randomized controlled trials (RCTs) using two different study cohorts and locations while comparing VR to the tertiary standard of care rather than a placebo. Their results have been published in a top medical journal and won the Best Abstract Award for presenting their work to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The submissions were exceptional in our best awards ceremony yet, resulting in two finalists. Our first finalist, IBM, created a cloud-based cross-program care coordination tool for vulnerable citizens that enables agencies to transform from paper-based to electronic processes. The initiative, known as Accessing Coordinated Care and Empowering Self-Sufficiency (ACCESS) Sonoma County, received a 2019 Advantage Award from IBM Watson Health™ in the Consumer/Patient Outreach and Communications category on May 7, 2019. Our second finalist, Higgs Boson Health, created a smartphone app with a digital care pathway for patients undergoing spine surgery. Their app, Manage My Surgery (MMS) also used a two-part approach resulting in a best practice clinical pilot that incorporated meticulous data collection at multiple time points.

Judging the awards were esteemed researchers in their fields to include Victoria Tiase, PhD, RN-BC, (NODE.Health Board Member and Validation Awards Chair), Ben Rosner, MD PhD (NODE.Health Scientific Chair and Validations Director), Andrew Auerbach, MD MPH, Jennifer Gentile, Psy.D, Ruth Creber, PhD, RN, Sudipto Srivastava, MBA, and Anna Andoni, MD (NODE.Health Program Manager). Vicky Tiase, Program Director of Research Science, at New York Presbyterian Hospital, NODE.Health Executive Board Member and Chair of the Evidence Matters Awards Competition Committee congratulated all who participated, saying, “The breadth and depth of the 2020 applicant solutions indicate a bright future for digital health tools. Congratulations to the winner and worthy finalists!”

Evidence is a key element driving successful digital health startups as well as established companies. The winners and finalists of the NODE.Health Evidence Matters Awards Competition have shown that it is important to apply rigorous validation methods that complement their solutions and stage of maturity of their solutions, from real world data capture to randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and feasibility pilots. To learn more about the winner and finalists’ approaches to evidence behind their solutions, please attend the finalist webinar on May 7th and the winner fireside chat on May 27th. Please use the registration links below. Also, please subscribe our PULSE Newsletter to learn more about NODE.Health events, conferences, educational opportunities, validation services and latest developments in digital health! Make sure to also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIN.


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