DSET 2021 Announces Tech Sponsor

DSET are excited to announce that Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) will be the official Tech Sponsors for the 2021 hybrid event in March 22nd-24th 2021.

As key players in the military training and simulation sector, we are honoured to welcome them as our Tech Sponsors and key exhibitors. BISim provides high-fidelity, cost effective training with their product portfolio including VBS4, VBS3, VBS Blue IG and TerraTools, which are widely used to train the military virtually on a global landscape with almost endless training scenarios, locations, vehicles with collective and individual training.

BISim continues to push the boundaries with high standards and interoperability in AI and XR.

With their industry experience BISim will offer some essential insight at the event during their speaking slot and live interview broadcast with MS&T Magazine.

Tess Butler, CEO, DSET said “Bohemia Interactive SImulations are a long-term supporter of DSET and as we continue to grow and innovate, so do they. A Hybrid conference for us means more participation from brilliant minds all over the world. We will keep pushing DSET to have the best content ever as well as a genuine community of support, exchange of ideas & delivery, throughout the year.”

“We at BISim are very much looking forward to DSET 2021 and our role as its Tech Sponsor. DSET has a unique community atmosphere and is a really lively discussion forum. With strong and active international participation, and its well thought-out hybrid approach, we are looking forward to being part of the community’s engagement, and for DSET as an opportunity to highlight some of the latest advances we have in making simulation easier, faster and truly global,” Rusmat Ahmed, SVP Sales – EMEA, Bohemia Interactive Simulations.

DSET 2021 (Defence Simulation Education and Training) will be a Hybrid event. We will be wholly in both the Virtual and Real worlds. We are investing in the technology, people and skills to not only build on our first 5 years of DSET, but to provide an interactive environment for our community throughout the year.

We support and drive innovation in this space, not least to engage new talent from more diverse backgrounds, educations and ages, to answer existing challenges and provide future capability for the military, industry and academia.

DSET was set up in 2016 to facilitate military to military engagement; and to give military the opportunity to educate industry in a challenge lead approach. International military and government drive the DSET agenda and deliver the majority of presentations.

DSET was set up with a very clear set of objectives: A military set agenda; a predominately military delivered conference; and to provide a relevant open community forum for honest debate and discussions amongst the military and industry of the training and simulation sector.

To find out more about DSET visit www.dset.co.uk

Book your ticket to attend DSET 2021 here https://ruddy-nice-ltd.events.idloom.com/dset2021/ register https://bit.ly/2HPIa2D

Find out more about Bohemia Interactive Simulations https://bisimulations.com/

Source: RealWire

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