Dropp Announces a Multi-Million Dollar “Creator First” Network Empowering Artists to Take Back Control of their Futures

NEW YORK, March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Dropp, a “Creator First” platform empowering artists to directly monetize their own content through its patented ‘See it. Want it. Get it’ Technology, has today announced an open call for all creators who are tired of big platforms benefiting from their work.

Dropp's logo on one of their Times Square billboards.

The Dropp Creator Network’ (DCN) levels the playing field for musicians, filmmakers, Vloggers, influencers and artists by giving them the ability to instantly transform their work into e-commerce opportunities. This new creator eco-system will allow artists to create their own merchandise, drop it into their own videos, and get it in front of their audiences for purchase without any expensive start-up costs due to the on demand nature of the video platform. As the current model forces creators to chase elusive big brand sponsorships and game algorithms to monetize their work, ‘The Dropp Creator Network’ (DCN) empowers creators to benefit from their own brands and art through instant monetization.

Commenting on the launch of the Dropp Creator Network, Gurps Rai, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, said:  “Without creators, there wouldn’t be the likes of Youtube, Vevo or Vimeo. These billion dollar enterprises garner mass adoption thanks to creators but it’s interesting to see how little of the billions of dollars generated get back to the creator. We, at Dropp, believe that creators should hold the power – they are the ones writing the songs, shooting the videos and creating the wave the audiences are there for. So, Dropp has created a creator centric toolbox and support network for artists to succeed. And if the creators utilize the Dropp ecosystem, the big brands and budgets will naturally follow.”

Dropp’s Creator Network (DCN) will give creators access to: production financing, full production services through their own bi-coastal Dropp Studios, as well as opportunities to collaborate with industry professional producers and directors. In addition to creative services, Dropp’s network will facilitate exclusive bespoke merchandising opportunities matched with robust back-end fulfillment. Content distribution will be amplified through Dropp’s media relationships complemented by their inventory of billboards in Times Square available to members. Artists dropping new content and merch will be featured on these iconic NYC screens helping to drive new awareness.

To apply, artists can go to www.dropp.tv/apply

About Dropp
Dropp unleashes the power of the creator through an innovative blend of art and e-commerce creating a new mode of digital interaction, which allows creators to monetize their videos through the patented See it. Want it. Get it. Advanced A.I. video technology. Dropp’s creator first empowering model disrupts retail and video paradigms, inspires multifaceted community-based revenue, and invigorates the cultural energy behind all commerce.

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