Dr. James Lynch of Spine Nevada Becomes First Surgeon to Use Augmedics xvision Spine System with Recently FDA Cleared Perc Pin

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ARDr. James Lynch of Spine Nevada, a board-certified neurological surgeon with multiple fellowships in the field of spine, recently became the first surgeon to use the Augmedics xvision Spine System with Perc Pin. Cleared by the FDA in July 2021, the disposable Perc Pin helps ensure the patient marker is easily in the surgeon’s field of view while avoiding the surgical site. The first use occurred September 2, 2021 at Renown Regional Medical Center during lumbar spine surgery and fusion in which the Perc Pin was inserted into the posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS).

In addition to providing better visualization of the patient marker, the Perc Pin reduces the size of the required incision for percutaneous procedures, ensures rigid fixation, is available in three lengths, and allows minimal instrumentation.

“It continues to be an honor to work in partnership with Augmedics to improve and optimize the xvision system,” said Dr. Lynch, who in June 2020 became one of the first surgeons in the world to use xvision and was the first surgeon to use the system at a community hospital.

The xvision Spine System features augmented reality and consists of a transparent near-eye-display headset and all elements of a traditional navigation system. It accurately determines the position of surgical tools in real-time and superimposes them on the patient’s CT data. The navigation data is then projected onto the surgeon’s retina using the headset, allowing them to look at both the patient and the navigation data simultaneously. Designed to revolutionize surgery, the xvision Spine System offers the surgeon better control and visualization, which may lead to easier, faster, and safer surgeries.

“We’re very happy to offer the addition of the Perc Pin to our portfolio. At Augmedics, we strive for continued innovation that enables surgeons to offer their patients minimally invasive surgical options,” said Tim Murawski, Augmedics chief commercial officer.

Spine Nevada’s neurosurgery department, led by Dr. Lynch, continually trains in new technologies and minimally invasive surgical techniques for patient benefit.

About Spine Nevada

Spine Nevada is a regional center of excellence, offering a comprehensive approach to spine and musculoskeletal care. The centers include fellowship-trained neurological surgeons, spine specialists board-certified in physical medicine and radiology, specialty-trained physical therapists, physical therapy clinics, and InMotion Diagnostics. Founded by Dr. Lynch in 2004, Spine Nevada is recognized as a regional center of excellence that demonstrates innovation in non-surgical and surgical spine care and then documents its superior care with clinical outcomes. The center’s mission is to help patients return to active lives through compassionate, evidence-based spine and musculoskeletal care, including non-surgical treatment options and the most technologically advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques. Spine Nevada recently partnered with Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), the national leader in musculoskeletal practice and outcomes management and value-based care solutions. For more information, visit SpineNevada.com

About Augmedics

Augmedics (Chicago, IL) is an augmented reality surgical image guidance pioneer that aims to improve healthcare by augmenting surgery with cutting edge technologies that solve unmet clinical needs and instill technological confidence in the surgical workflow. Its FDA-cleared revolutionary xvision Spine System, the first augmented reality guidance system for surgery, allows surgeons to “see” the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue as if they have “x-ray vision,” and to accurately navigate instruments and implants during spine procedures. For more information, visit www.augmedics.com


Brandy Gulley

Marketing Communications Director, Augmedics


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