Delphi Family Asks Public to Help Catch Killer Using CrimeDoor App

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, CrimeDoor, the augmented reality app that accurately recreates real crime scenes, announces a partnership with Kelsi German. German is the sister of Libby German who was tragically murdered alongside Abby Williams in Delphi, Indiana, in 2017. This partnership includes the launch of the Delphi Murders CrimeDoor on the platform where users can “step inside” the crime scene in augmented reality, in hopes of shedding new light on the case. 

The Delphi Murders are among the most infamous cold cases to date receiving national attention. Despite law enforcement retrieving an audio recording of the suspect that was released to the public and over 26,000 tips, no arrests have been made in the case to date. CrimeDoor, an augmented reality experience developed by the husband and wife team Neil and Lauren Mandt, lets users experience and investigate these cases in hopes of bringing resolution to the families. 

“CrimeDoor does not celebrate killers but gives a voice to the victims. Our attention to detail in recreating the crime scenes is our highest concern. Helping to solve a crime would be the most important moment in my life, and I feel confident this technology will be pivotal in doing just that,” said Neil Mandt, Founder of CrimeDoor. 

Cold-Case Detective, Paul Holes, famous for his involvement in the  Zodiac, Golden State Killer, and Jaycee Dugard cases, has partnered with CrimeDoor on this mission. Holes is working directly with Kelsi German and other families to help bring renewed attention to cold cases and use the current technology to source the help of the public in bringing closure to these families. 

“I believe this AR experience may help someone identify the killer, based on being able to have a spatial presence with him. I’m working directly with Paul Holes and the CrimeDoor team on the accuracy of this experience in hopes of finally bringing justice for my sister, Abby, and our loved ones,” said Kelsi German

For the first time ever, police, the public, and journalists alike will have indefinite access to the crime scene through exact AR recreations of the crime scene photos. Anyone can literally walk into the crime scene to examine the scene and evidence, whereas this access was previously only given to law enforcement on-site for a limited time.

“Typically, law enforcement is on the scene for a limited time. After that, we have to rely solely on crime scenes photos and our memory to revisit the scene. I believe the innovation of AR technology in criminal cases is as paramount as the introduction of DNA and will be critical to the future of solving cases,” said Paul Holes, Partner at CrimeDoor. 

In addition to the augmented reality doors, CrimeDoor uses geo-location to identify cases around the world. All profiles feature relevant articles, podcasts, videos and more – located in one place. 

For more information, visit or download CrimeDoor in the App and Google Play store. 

About CrimeDoor:
CrimeDoor is a revolutionary new app that organizes thousands of hours of relevant videos, articles, photos, podcasts and case evidence of murder, missing persons and mysterious death cases from around the world in one centralized location. Additionally, CrimeDoor utilizes the most advanced Augmented Reality experiences that opens that allow a user to virtually enter into real True Crime scenes by using a mobile phone or tablet on command. Created by entertainment veterans Neil and Lauren Mandt, CrimeDoor’s convergence of 2D content and innovative Immersive Media technology creates a new kind of storytelling for fans of True Crime and is a reimagination of the news industry.

CrimeDoor highlights crimes from the victim’s point of view and through partnerships with notable media authorities, the app provides unique context to crime scenes, with access to authentic news offerings. Users will be able to view 3D evidence to help aid in solving cold crimes and a chance for fresh eyes to view and potentially help authorities solve cases.

CrimeDoor has been vetted by both police officers and FBI agents as a way where users can actually aid in solving open cases. CrimeDoor provides high-quality content for True Crime lovers to gain a true and chilling perspective into the world of each crime scene.

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