ClixTV, Multi-Platform Entertainment & eCommerce Streamer, Launches on Over 80 Channels, Web & Apps

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#celebritysweat–ClixTV®, multi-platform streamer at the intersection of entertainment, e-commerce and technology, launches its free streaming service on over 80 channels, web, and apps, including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, IMDb TV, Box One, LG Smart TV, and all Plex TV channels as well as on, IOS and Android. ClixTV reaches more than 100 million online viewers monthly, and 120 million over-the-top (OTT) television homes.

“ClixTV is reinventing the entertainment experience for consumers on every screen to simplify the search for great content and tantalize viewers with compelling programming that they may never have known about,” said ClixTV CEO and Founder, Ed Sullivan. “We’ve also created unique benefits for creators, distributors and advertisers caught in the vortex of technology-meets-media.”

“We believe it’s a critical time to use fast-forward tech and savvy marketing to turn the pain of what-to-watch into a fun, fast and free experience,” said ClixTV Chief Marketer and co-founder, Stacy Jolna. “ClixTV believes producers, streamers, advertisers and fans should embrace a similar goal: make it enjoyable to watch what you want, when you want from the very first click across every platform, on any screen.”

What differentiates ClixTV, the brainchild of Emmy and Peabody Award winning media veterans Sullivan, Jolna and Patricia Sullivan, is that it was designed to serve all stakeholders in the entertainment world: consumers, producers, streaming and broadcast media companies, and brand advertisers.

  • For Entertainment Consumers: Streamer ClixTV showcases 1000’s of short-form (2-4 minute) episodic series designed for mobile fans on its and app platforms that feature emerging talent as well as award-winning producers and stars – all free and on-demand. ClixTV showcases original comedy, star fitness tips from “Celebrity Sweat,” sneak peeks into the best streaming series and movies, eSports highlights, extreme sports, global adventure & travel, foodie wonders worldwide, new music, kids’ stuff, and much more.
  • For Streaming Studios & Media Companies: ClixTV points its fans directly from its short-form video interviews and movie trailers to the best of long-form films and series on Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Discovery+, Apple TV+, Peacock, Paramount+ and the broadcast television networks and studios.
  • For Advertisers: Entertainment consumers can both watch and shop for hundreds of products on, with special brand shopping pages that provide advertisers with direct-to-consumer extended video information, and special promotions as well as an opportunity to buy with just one click. ClixTV has partnered with top ecommerce affiliate marketing platforms Rakuten, Awin, Commission Junction and Pepper Jam to introduce a myriad of products for purchase on ClixTV.
  • For Wide Screen Fans: ClixTV’s linear OTT channels showcase long-form half hour and hour-long programming from its production partners that are available across most leading streaming services and smart TV’s.

“In the streaming wars ClixTV is uniquely everyone’s ally, delivering clarity in a time of chaos,” said former Sony Pictures Entertainment President, Man Jit Singh. “With the abundance of long form entertainment offerings, it takes the average person thirty-seven minutes to find something to watch. That is a clear problem screaming for a solution.”

“By catering to platform-agnostic viewers who want entertainment right now, a new media venture has the opportunity to thrive,” said leading international media valuations expert, Larry Gerbrandt. “The streaming industry has matriculated from its adolescence with an abundance of great content, but it’s often hard to find. The vital need in the industry is this: a streamer that can support the industry by pointing viewers to programming that might have been overlooked as well as providing a platform for emerging video talent. By aligning multiple agendas – short attention spans, multi-platform proclivities, and by becoming an asset to the mega streaming giants – a new future-thinking media venture can prove to be an indispensable ancillary arm to the industry, to creators and advertisers seeking new ways for viewers to find what they wish to watch.“

Adds Singh: “ClixTV provides recommendations helping consumers navigate the overwhelming entertainment choices. By working with the streaming industry and highlighting their long-form programming, ClixTV has become a positive disruptor benefitting its viewers, streaming services, customers, and advertisers, all of whom are eager to focus on the best entertainment experience.”

Production companies have flocked to ClixTV to enjoy a “showcase” experience for their content with fast-growing multi-platform, any screen distribution, and a share of advertising revenue to support their creative work. ClixTV’s sharing economy offers a singular benefit to producers without the stringent requirements of exclusivity. ClixTV has aligned with both emerging talent as well as legacy productions and studios to promote exceptional video entertainment to new audiences.

“Delighting and surprising entertainment fans is ClixTV’s top priority,” said ClixTV Founder and Chief Content Officer, Patricia Sullivan. “Our North Star is ‘Expect the Unexpected’ on ClixTV like offbeat comedies such as “The Mom List” and “Mr. Wrong” to eSports gaming tips & tricks from “Inside the Game” to global adventure “Shandor The Lion Prince,” or the true tale of the $100 cup of coffee on “Expensive Tastes.” And one of our top fan favorites, “Celebrity Sweat,” offers up the fierce field competition of Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Rob Gronkowski and his four brothers, and global champion Tyron Woodley’s secrets on how to knock out an opponent, or training superstar Billy Blanks working out with the top names in music, movies, TV, and pro sports.”

“Our branded programming has found a strong new home at ClixTV, with exponential increases in viewership and repeat engagement,” said Lisa Levine, CEO of multi-platform media and events company Celebrity Sweat. The company focuses on celebrity fitness content, motivation, and inspiration. Celebrity Sweat’s featured stars range from martial arts champion fighter Tyron Woodley, who recently fought social media boxer Jake Paul to NFL superstar Gronkowski, and even military celebrity fitness coach Sergeant Slaughter teaching viewers the latest in U.S. Army fitness training. Adds Levine: “ClixTV’s team matches our business objectives to grow our brand, increase our audience as well as our revenue across every screen through clever marketing, digital advertising and on-service promotion.”

ClixTV Leadership Team

Edward M. Sullivan is ClixTV founder and CEO. He is a recipient of multiple Emmy Awards and Telly’s for his entertainment industry marketing and branding as head of Pittard-Sullivan, which launched and re-launched over 200 channels worldwide, including CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, Discovery Communications, and DirecTV. Sullivan was a catalyst in driving viewers to specific programs and networks for distributors, studios, content creators, and advertisers. His company also worked closely with Jolna on developing the brand and network-like interface for personal video recorder company TiVo and Microsoft’s WebTV.

Stacy Jolna, founder and Chief Marketing Officer, is the recipient of multiple News & Documentary Emmy Awards, the Cannes Lion and the Peabody Award. He has stood at the crossroads of media and technology for three decades. As a founding executive team member of TiVo, another successful industry disrupter, Jolna helped propel the company from concept to successful IPO and billion dollar market capitalization. He served as Chief Marketing Officer building the iconic TiVo brand and running point on investments by nearly every major media company. He served as SVP and General Manager of News Corp/TV Guide’s Digital TV Group. A successful broadcast journalism executive prior to going digital, at Time Warner/CNN he was Senior V.P. and Senior Executive Producer for Special Reports and launched award-winning “CNN Presents”.

Patricia Sullivan, founder and Chief Creative Officer, is an award-winning entertainment industry entrepreneur who built several production and post-production companies from concept to multi-million dollar exits. A veteran Hollywood producer, her innovative productions helped launch networks and TV shows globally. Patricia has created movie trailers driving opening weekend box office revenues beyond the $100 million mark for studios such as Disney. Patricia’s work has been honored with top awards including ATAS (Emmy), NY Film Festival, Monitor, Belding, BDA, Houston Film Festival, Gracie and Telly.

Bill Bradham, founder and Chief Business Development Officer, is a veteran business advisor and strategist, successfully counseling over 250 small, medium and large companies. Counseling Protron Electronics, the Company drove revenues of $800 million in worldwide sales in its first fiscal year. Proficient in knowledge of how to grow a company’s business via effective market research, marketing, branding and sales programs, Bill builds teams, negotiates and raises funds. Bradham has negotiated over $13 billion in business contracts, raised over $600 million for various business ventures, and over $130 million for various national charitable causes.

About ClixTV®

ClixTV is a multi-platform streaming company at the crossroads of entertainment, e-commerce and technology. It is free and available on every screen, including over 80 PLEX channels. It reaches 100 million online viewers monthly, 120 million homes via over-the-top (OTT) and millions of viewers on as well as millions of users on its apps on Android and IOS. ClixTV excels in short-form, bite-sized video episodes featuring social media influencers, celebrity athletes, chefs, comedians, eSports commentators, adventurers, and more. It’s range of content spans Hot Trends, Extreme Sports, Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel & Adventure, Funny, Food & Wellness, Fitness, Kids Stuff, and more. ClixTV is also a promotional champion of top series and movies on major streaming platforms, making it simpler for viewers to find what they want to watch and subscribe to leading streaming services. ClixTV is an immersive, direct-to-consumer brand experience where viewers can watch, shop and earn ClixTV cash rewards redeemable for brand products or for charities they support.


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