Chromatic aberration, highpass sharpening, stock background removal tool, and more added to the Ignite Pro VFX plugin bundle

London, UK (October 27, 2020) – Ignite Pro – FXhome’s studio bundle of over 190 essential post-production plugins and 377 presets is now even bigger with the release of Ignite Pro 5. The new release features powerful new effects like Chromatic Aberration, Highpass Sharpen, Remove Stock Background, and GoPro Lens Reframe.

Ignite Pro is a bundle of over 190 plugins for everything from keying to color grading to specialist particle VFX. It’s the ultimate plugin bundle for filmmakers, VFX artists, and content creators who need a wide array of tools at their disposal. Ignite Pro 5 is compatible with all major hosts and available from October 6th, 2020.

The new Chromatic Aberration effect can be used to create glitchy or surreal effects by offsetting the RGB channels of your footage. Offset distance, strength, and channels affected (red and blue, red and green, green, and blue) can all be customized. You can also change the blur radius of each channel independently and apply a handy ‘Use Lens’ setting – which will apply the effect radially from a given point and radius.

Creators who use stock footage for VFX or motion graphics are in luck because FXhome has also added the new ‘Remove Stock Background’ effect. The effect works like an advanced Luminance Key and Demult/Unmult effect built into one simple plugin – removing solid black or white backgrounds from the alpha channel at the click of a button.

GoPro HERO, MAX, and Fusion owners will be delighted to know that the Ignite Pro plugin bundle now includes a GoPro Lens Reframe plugin for editing and reframing 360° footage. You can use the plugin to Pan, Tilt, Rotate and Zoom your frame within your source footage, adjust lens distortion to straighten out lines or change the apparent focal length. You can even change motion blur and shutter angle to determine how much motion blur is applied to animated movements. You can even use a second camera to cut between shots.

Ignite’s coveted Lightning effect now also includes five new presets for creating realistic thunderstorms, superpowers, or other electricity-based effects in short timescales. The new presets include:

  • Distant lightning – for adding a distant thunderstorm lightning strike
  • Lightning strike – for adding a nearby thunderstorm lightning strike
  • Jacob’s Ladder – to create the ‘Jacob’s ladder’ electricity effect
  • Power coupling – to create a ‘coupling’ effect, as seen on Star Wars podracers

Each of these presets can be manually customized to create even more unique effects in post-production.

The new Highpass Sharpen plugin takes the fuss out of highpass sharpening your footage – which has always been a convoluted process. Just apply the effect and adjust to your liking to get some quick and easy edge-detail refinement.

FXhome have also added a new ‘Crop & Pan’ effect, which will come in useful for filmmakers and content creators who shoot on 4K or 8K footage as it provides a quick and simple interface for cropping, panning, and zooming footage in post.

The plugin suite has also seen considerable performance improvements for After Effects, and has been unlocked to be supported in any major OFX-compatible host application. So, if you’ve considered taking the jump in the past but your software wasn’t officially supported, now might be the time to upgrade your toolkit. Ignite Pro currently retails for $299 with 12 months of updates included. Learn more at

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