Car Mate: First Exhibition of 360° Dashboard Camera at CES 2020

A Global Appeal for the 360° Dashboard Camera at CES 2020, the World’s Largest Appliance and IT Fair

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Car Mate Mfg. Co., Ltd, Masaru Tokuda, President, will exhibit for the first time on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, at CES 2020, the appliance and IT fair held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The exhibit will mainly focus on the d’Action 360 series of 360° cameras that can be used as both dashboard cameras and as action cameras (see note). There will also be conceptual and product displays, as well as presentations of Car Mate technologies for the global audience there.

NOTE: Action cameras require a separately sold option.

Exhibition Objectives

Car Mate has been selling the d’Action 360 series in the United States since October of 2018. This exhibition, however, aims to expand brand recognition and to promote further sales. There will also be a review of how Car Mate technology for the 360° dashboard camera, as displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, can continue to fulfill the demands of customers outside of Japan. The booth design will be similar to that used at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Exhibit Description

  1. The d’Action 360 Series: The US market models of the d’Action 360 and d’Action 360 S (pictured). The 360° Camera can be used as both a dashboard camera and an action camera.
  2. d’Action VR: Experience 360° driving with a virtual reality application developed by Car Mate.
  3. 360-degree Videos Human Detection: An algorithm for detecting human beings within 360° images captured using the d’Action 360 S.
  4. d’Action 360 S Roof Rack Attachment: A dedicated roof rack attachment, used as shown in the picture, to capture a full 360° of imagery from atop a car using a d’Action 360 S. (This exhibits applies the kayak attachment of Car Mate’s existing roof carrier, “INNO”.)
  5. SIM Communication Unit Add-on for d’Action 360 S: An in-vehicle unit with a built-in SIM chip for connecting to the d’Action 360 S. (The exhibit between 3 and 5 are referential exhibits for 360° drive recorder technology.)

Exhibit Overview                                    

Name: CES 2020,
Dates: Tuesday, January 7, through Friday, January 10, 2020

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Venue: The Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC)

Car Mate will be in the North Hall, booth 5903

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