BodyCraft Introduces Game-Changing Treadmills

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Experience–It’s a fitness trend that has been taking America by storm, technologically advanced home fitness equipment that allows users to experience virtual reality and stream online classes while they exercise, to make workouts social and fun.

Users have seen these techno bikes and treadmills on TV. Now, BodyCraft®, a national, specialty fitness-equipment company, in business for more than 25 years, announces its Experience-series treadmills, the only treadmills on the market with an open-platform to maximize the workout experience.

Using a smart touch console, users experience more than just virtual reality or streaming classes. They can access email, play video games, watch TV, and interact with numerous apps while they workout, via the Bluetooth/ANT+ technology.

Apps to which users can connect include Chrome, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Kinomap, Run Social, Virtual Runner, Zwift, Gymtrak, Outside Interactive, Peloton, Instagram, Spotify and many more.

With nine treadmill options, users are sure to find the BodyCraft Experience-series treadmill that’s right for them, choosing from three, different treadmill bases and three, different consoles to configure the perfect entertainment treadmill experience. Console options include 16″ and 10″ Smart Touch Consoles or 9″ Black Mask LCD Console.

The Bluetooth/ANT+ technology allows applications to access, sync, and process data from the treadmill (speed, time, distance, heart rate, etc.). Each app uses the data to create an entertaining user experience and can track, save, and share each workout to third party apps. Users can even utilize their smartphones and tablets while exercising.

Additional features include USB port for phone charging, audio jack, HDMI input, and 3 speed cooling fan. With the HDMI input, users can connect to cable/sat boxes, Firestick, Roku, and Apple TV and even play their favorite video games while walking. Connect devices like a Cable/Sat Box. You can even play your favorite video games while walking.

Whether users are fitness enthusiasts or just wanting to get in a few more steps a day to reach their ten thousand, the BodyCraft Experience-series treadmills offer an entertaining, motivating, and fun way to exercise.

BodyCraft sells a complete line of fitness products including ellipticals, rowers, functional trainers, multi-gyms, and more. BodyCraft enriches standard fitness-equipment designs with its proprietary ideas. Equipment is built to last a lifetime and is patent protected. BodyCraft is passionate about creating the ultimate in safety, variety, design, affordability, and motivation. Each BodyCraft machine is designed to be fun and motivating.


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