Atlanta Hawks Preview Center Takes VIPs on Unique Journey with AV Support from Electrosonic

Fans interested in investing in suites or premium seating in Atlanta’s new State Farm Arena are treated to a unique experience at the Atlanta Hawks Preview Center. Electrosonic partnered with Hornall Anderson, the Seattle-based experience design company, to create an innovative journey for prospective guests at the center, which is located at CNN Center.

Electrosonic provided audio, video and show control design, engineering and installation of the audiovisual and interactive portions of the center’s sales experience.  The center shows how the all-new State Farm Arena transcends the role of host for NBA basketball, concerts and events.  Nearly $200 million was spent to renovate the sports and concert venue, which opened in October 2018.

“The project was managed from Electrosonic’s Orlando office and was completed in a rapid four-and-a-half months timeframe with customizations,” says Sean McChesney, Experience Technology Consultant with Electrosonic. “That could only happen when you collaborate with a company like Hornall Anderson, with whom we have a strong and trusting working relationship.”

When VIPs arrive in the lounge-style reception room they are greeted by a docent, who conducts their personal tour through the center.  The Anthem Theater boasts a large projection wall; hand-held interactive controllers trigger video that immerses guests in the evolution and rebirth of Atlanta’s NBA basketball program.  Electrosonic provided the laser projector for the curved projection screen, the custom PC for Hornall Anderson’s custom program and all of the wall’s audio support.

Next, guests overlook a recessed Projection Pit with a projection wall backdrop showing a mix of B roll, live TV or branded videos. Detailed video projections overlay an architectural 3D gray-scale model in the pit below the guests to show the arena’s configuration for basketball games, concerts and other events. 

Electrosonic opted for a projection solution to give “the client the most bang for the buck in this presentation,” McChesney notes. “Using blended projectors and projection mapping is something we frequently do in larger spaces at theme parks and museums, but the Epson laser projectors and custom PCs we provided allowed Hornall Anderson and the content group to achieve what they needed on a lower budget.”

He adds that, “to enhance this impactful presentation with audio we used QSC surround ceiling speakers and below-floor ‘butt-kicker’ transducers for low-end reinforcement.”

Finally, the guests move on to three Suites, themed with different fits and finishes, which act as closing rooms for the sales agents. Electrosonic supplied 55-inch touchscreens, the interactive portals to information such as traffic patterns, parking and average cost per game.  

 “Electrosonic stands out because they never say ‘no.’ They always have a can-do approach and the mindset to pull off the technical aspects of the experiences we design. Electrosonic knows how to use technology to push boundaries,” says the team at Hornall Anderson.  

Turner Construction was the center’s general contractor.

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