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We hope you all are healthy and safe during these times.

If you are working from home,
If you need to connect with people remotely,
If you have some time to learn new things,

We are here to help, with the ASSIMILATE Creative Boost!

As of today, we are offering all of our products for FREE until the end of October 2020!

This means SCRATCH 9.2, SCRATCH VR 9.2, PlayPro 9.2, SCRATCH Web and our recently released Live Looks and Live Assist are all FREE to you!

Yes for FREE!

Register for your FREE licenses here:

Use, Learn, Enjoy!
All of our products are FREE until October 31, 2020!

Check out online tutorials:

FREE access to Lowepost online SCRATCH Training:

Stay tuned for more information coming to you as we go online and interactive to help with knowledge!

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