Alef Mobitech Announces 11 Million Active MOBILE EDGE Subscribers

Demonstrates 5G Needs Edge Computing, Edge Computing Doesn’t Need

, the Edge Internet leader, today announced a major
milestone of serving over 11 million users and nearly 3 billion edge
sessions, further establishing Alef’s leadership in Mobile Internet Edge
deployments. The Mobile Edge era is here and scaling fast. Alef’s Edge
Solution leverages its plug-n-play Edge Operating System to realize both
Edge Enhanced and Edge Native applications. With its evolutionary
approach, Alef has established that while 5G needs Edge Computing, Edge
Computing doesn’t need 5G.

“It is only appropriate to consider Alef’s milestone announcement as a
tangible proof point of the MWC19 Barcelona theme ‘Intelligent
Connectivity,’ and the undeniable role of the Edge Internet. Also,
Alef’s significant milestone of 11 million active ‘Mobile Edge Users’ is
game-changing evidence that amplifies the need for Edge Internet
stakeholders to reconsider any prior valuations of the Edge economy. The
trillion-dollar telco ecosystem is yet again presented with a solid
opportunity to positively impact every other trillion-dollar economy,”
said Sathya Atreyam, Edge Industry analyst.

are live today in multiple market segments
—MNO, large venues and
mobile broadband environments—where we have implemented 5G-style
applications over 4G LTE. Building
the Edge Internet requires alliances
, and our commitment to this is
exemplified in the recently
announced Kinetic Edge Alliance
. We are taking an ecosystem approach
to bring together the integral pieces of the Edge Internet to drive the
industry toward the next wave of digital service,” said Dr. Ganesh
Sundaram, CEO of Alef Mobitech.

Alef’s Edge Solution allows Application Providers and Mobile Network
Operators (MNOs) to work collaboratively to unleash the value of the
Edge Internet engine. This new Edge capability drops seamlessly into
existing standard 3G, 4G and 5G networks. With the Alef Edge, a brand
new class of fast, effective and rich internet applications can now be
brought to market.

“Alef is doing what others are just beginning to understand. The Edge
Internet architecture at the core of the Alef platform is a capability
that has been seven years and many millions of R&D investments in the
making. The excitement of seeing the market demand new capabilities at
the network Edge and witnessing Alef deliver these incredible
performance results at the Edge is striking. Alef’s unique and
transformative approach can spark a valuable and progressive
reconfiguration of the entire Internet around the Edge,” said industry
veteran and Alef board member Mike Mulica.

To learn more about how the Edge Internet can be deployed now on 4G,
please visit featured demos
at MWC2019 Barcelona
. Come visit the Alef Mobitech team to see Edge
applications in advertising, gaming and live streaming. For all
inquiries, email:

Press and analyst interviews are available and may be scheduled by
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About Alef Mobitech

Alef Mobitech is the leader in Mobile Edge Computing, which allows us to
physically locate products and services closer to users. Alef’s
innovative architecture allows for 5G-style applications to work over
4G. New and existing networks benefit from our Edge architecture. In
addition to its Edge overlay and enablers, Alef develops in-house Edge
solutions and works with an array of partners to build the world’s first
Edge applications that leverage and realize Virtual and Augmented
Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, IoT and

Alef Mobitech is headquartered in New York City, with offices in India
and Brazil. Visit
for more information on how we can help.


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