Akos MD Reduces Fee for Telemedicine Services Enabling More Affordable Access for Everyone

Virtual Medical Care through App and AI-Powered Clinics Limit Exposure to COVID-19

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#akos–With stay-at-home orders issued for many states, those needing routine medical care or authorization for a prescription refill may be uncertain what course of action to take. This is especially concerning for those without a primary care physician or health insurance. Allowing all patients to get the treatment they need, while limiting exposure, Akos offers affordable, virtual healthcare with board certified providers. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Akos is now making their telemedicine app and virtual Med Clinics even more accessible with a reduced rate.

“At a time when receiving quality, remote healthcare is of the utmost concern, at Akos MD, we wanted to make our services even more accessible to everyone,” said Kishlay Anand, MD, president of Akos.

Through the end of June, Akos is reducing its fee to $49 per visit for self pay patients. Also, if a patient uses the telemedicine app, and their physician refers them to an Akos Med Clinic for further diagnostics, the patient won’t be charged an additional clinic fee. In addition to being an affordable healthcare option, Akos is also extremely accessible to everyone. Akos accepts most commercial insurance plans; however, a health insurance plan or a membership commitment is not required.

Eliminating the need for an in-person doctor visit, Akos’ telemedicine options give patients with non-emergency medical needs a safer alternative to visiting a crowded medical facility. Additionally, Akos’ providers can answer questions and concerns regarding COVID-19. Help is just a video chat away through a home care app, called Akos, available to download on Google Play and iTunes. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the app allows patients to connect with a board certified healthcare provider via a mobile device, while staying in the safety of their home. Since Akos has a large network of providers, currently there is no wait to see a healthcare provider. Patients can limit their exposure even further by taking advantage of free delivery on prescriptions.

Additionally, Akos offers a service no other telemedicine company can offer. For residents in Arizona and Idaho needing more thorough medical diagnostics, Akos has 13 Med Clinics located inside Safeway stores. These AI-powered clinics provide a virtual connection to a healthcare provider via telemedicine. The visits are comprehensive, but brief and allow patients to be in a room with just a medical assistant and a kiosk, limiting exposure to others. Utilizing easy-to-use, FDA-approved medical devices, patients are guided via augmented reality to collect data, such as weight, temperature, blood pressure, heart and lung sounds and other vitals to form a diagnostic impression. Through a video consultation, the provider meets with the patient to verify the diagnosis and present a treatment plan.

In addition to offering virtual healthcare for patients, Akos has a resource for medical practices needing to make the quick transition to telemedicine services. Akos Connect is a desktop, web-based platform that allows physicians to consult with new and existing patients through a live video chat anytime, anywhere. Making it easy to use, the patient doesn’t need any special software. The healthcare professional simply provides a link to a custom branded, virtual waiting room, where the patient and physician can connect. Additional parties can be conferenced in to the appointment, such as a significant other, family member, or another healthcare provider. The Akos Connect platform is HIPAA-compliant and features the highest levels of security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy is maintained. Currently, Akos is offering special pricing for an annual commitment, one-time payment of $360 per provider. This is a savings of $60 from the month-to-month plan.

For more information, visit www.akosmd.com or www.akosconnect.com.

About Akos:

Developed by a team of leading physicians, Akos launched its revolutionary telehealth platform in 2016. Akos powers a new type of virtual practice, offering a fully integrated HIPAA-compliant healthcare solution for patients, physicians, employers and medical centers across the United States. By combining smart technology, seamless design, a patient-centric approach, grassroots strategy and the collective power of a preferred provider network, Akos is reinventing the traditional healthcare model one virtual call at a time. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, Akos gives patients unparalleled access to licensed healthcare providers, allowing care for a wide range of non-emergent conditions via a smartphone or tablet.

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