3D Usher launches an online instant quoting tool for Injection Molding, 3D Printing, and Vacuum Casting

SYRACUSE, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3dprinting–Based out of Syracuse, New York, leading manufacturing hub, 3D Usher’s new instant quoting tool expedites manufacturing for plastic parts.

The tool can be accessed on 3D Usher’s official website. It is the first ever to provide instant quotes for manufacturing processes including Injection Molding, Vacuum Casting, 3D printing and others.

“The tool cuts down the process from 30 days to 3 clicks. Upload your 3D file, choose the manufacturing process and material, and based on the model’s complexity, you have your quote instantly! Privacy and confidentiality of your data is assured, and there is no minimum quantity baseline on parts,” said CTO, Dhiraj Nayak on the features of the tool.

The website offers a personalized dashboard to track manufacturing status, shipment and delivery timelines. 3D models are typically opened using paid CAD softwares. 3D Usher offers a free online 3D viewer to upload and analyze files across multiple formats, without downloading software.

“Getting multiple quotes, comparing them, and negotiating with vendors for the best prices is exhausting. Finding trustworthy quality control for manufacturing done outside the US is a concern. 3D Usher is meticulous in vendor selection and we implement stringent QC and verification. Post production quality checks are also ensured,” said COO, Faizan Mehdi on the problems the tool addresses.

Gopal Krishna, CEO, 3D Usher says that the company will soon add other manufacturing processes to the tool, hinting at something bigger in the pipeline to strengthen 3D Usher’s position as the go-to marketplace. “We started with manual quoting, but we aimed to reinvent the business. Hence, the instant quoting tool came about.”

To learn more, visit: https://3dusher.com

About 3D Usher:

A marketplace for on-demand manufacturing, 3D Usher was founded in 2018 by three young engineers looking to address the issues of quality and lead time in the plastic parts manufacturing industry. The company has earned the trust of a wide range of customers across the globe, and continues to make life easy for their patrons with the new instant quoting tool. They raised initial capital through notable investors such as StartFast, The Center State CEO and Launch New York, and have accelerated their revenue growth by times 3 in the last 2 years, shipping to more than 1500 businesses in 20+ countries.


Gopal Krishna, Info@3dusher.com, +1-808-218-8589

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